About External Resources

Various local, provincial and federal agencies with jurisdiction in the Grand River watershed provide access to their monitoring information, data holdings, map products, and other online tools. GRCA commonly receives enquiries about these types of information resources and their availability for the Grand River watershed. Included below is contact information for these types of resources. Please contact the source directly if you are interested in their information.

Government of Canada - Environment Canada

Province of Ontario - Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MOE)

Province of Ontario - Land Information Ontario (LIO)

Various geospatial data sets are available from the province via the LIO data warehouse. Members of the Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange (OGDE) are given a username and password and have access to information in the warehouse. Not an OGDE member? Many data sets are still available; see Open Data links below for details.

LIO also publishes data services so that application developers and GIS users have the ability to display continuously maintained data sets stored directly in the LIO data warehouse, without requiring a local copy of the data.

Province of Ontario - Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF)

In addition to data available from the LIO data warehouse, or what the province has designated as open data, the MNRF provides access to several data sets for non-commercial use under the terms of an Electronic Intellectual Property license. To see what is available, open LIO's Metadata Management Tool and select 'Non Commercial Use' on the left menu.

Province of Ontario - Additional