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Providing access to additional items for download that don't have a home elsewhere. Groundwater models with related documentation, as well as ready-made maps and various reference materials, are available in this section.

Grand River Simulation Model (GRSM)

The Grand River Simulation Model (GRSM) is a computer model of the watershed. Water quality and planning staff use it to understand how changes in wastewater treatment plants might affect water quality. A model is necessary because changes in water quality are caused by a complex interaction of many factors that change over time

The model was developed in 1980 and has been updated many times. In 2008 an independent review compared GRSM to five other computer models of the river and found that GRSM was the most applicable. Dr. Isobel Heathcote, professor of Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering at the University of Guelph did the review.

Ready-made maps

The GRCA has a collection of static maps and posters that are available to the public. Please note the following documents are map-centric with a large amount of visual data that are accessible PDFs. Should you require these documents in an alternate format, please contact us.

PDF Map Downloads

GRCA Geospatial Data Standards

The GRCA works with a number of community partners and consulting firms. Geospatial data is part of many of these projects. The quality, reliability and usability of geospatial data outcomes from such projects is directly impacted by decisions around horizontal and vertical reference systems and other parameters.

A reference document was created to support GRCA staff and is also provided here for access by agencies working with and providing data to GRCA.