Applications Grand River Information Network

Applications built by our team at GRCA which allow you to visualize data, generate maps, and plot interactive charts.

Interactive Applications

Web-GIS Mapping (Full Featured)

Use our interactive viewing and mapping application to create your own maps of areas within the Grand River watershed. This application can be used to view aerial photos, overlay environmental information about wetlands and watersheds, view policy areas and jurisdictions, and much more.

Web-GIS Mapping (Mobile Optimized)

This is a lightweight version of our web-GIS mapping application. Specifically designed for phones and tablets with limited screen sizes. A subset of functionality is provided with the same map themes for viewing.

Map your property

If your property is regulated by the Conservation Authority and you are planning a project, you may need a permit from GRCA. Note that not all regulated areas may be mapped. If you are unsure whether your property is regulated, contact a Resource Planner.

River and Climate Monitoring

GRCA monitors river flows, reservoir levels, and weather conditions. This up-to-the-minute information is vital to our important role of forecasting floods and issuing flood warnings. This information helps GRCA, municipalities and others understand water quality trends and the impact of human activities on the health of the river system.

Source Water Policy Mapping Tool

Use the Policy Mapping Tool to help determine how land of interest in the Lake Erie Source Protection Region, which includes the Grand River Watershed, may be affected by Source Water Protection policies. Find and view municipal policies and significant provincial circumstance tables related to Source Water Protection.